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Tuesday, January 30, 2018 from 06:30 PM to 07:30 PM: Troop meeting

Location: San Martin Lions, 12415 Murphy Ave (right near airport), San Martin, Ca
uniform: Class A
highlight: Raptor (Webelos) Den visit

calling (to remind about Troop meeting):

  • Scorpions:
  • Ravens:
  • Bucks:


  • 6:10 Green Bar (SPL, ASPL, PLs, TGs) arrive, prep meeting
  • 6:20 Gathering
  • 6:30 meeting begins (Pledge, Oath, Law, patrol yells)
  • bulletins (SPL)
  • concurrent BOR:
  • Camp Hi-Sierra Q&A
  • Activities
    • Scorpions (AOLA Req. 5, Scout Rank Req. 4):
      • a. Show how to tie a square knot, two half hitches, and a taut-line hitch. Explain how each knot is used.
      • b. Show the proper care of a rope by learning how to whip and fuse the ends of different kinds of rope. (Mr. V. to bring materials)
    • Ravens (AOLA and Scout Rank Req. 1):
      • a. Repeat from memory the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout motto, and Scout slogan. In your own words, explain their meanings to your den leader, parent, or guardian.
      • b. Explain what Scout spirit is. Describe for your den leader, parent, or guardian some ways you have shown Scout spirit by conducting yourself according to the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout motto, and Scout slogan.
      • c. Give the Boy Scout sign, salute, and handshake. Explain when to use each.
      • d. Describe the First Class Scout badge, and tell what each part stands for. Explain the significance of the First Class Scout badge.
      • (AOLA 6 and Scout Rank 5): Demonstrate your knowledge of the pocketknife safety rules and the pocketknife pledge. If you have not already done so, earn your Whittling Chip card.
    • Bucks (AOLA and Scout Rank Req. 2):
      • Describe how the Scouts in the troop provide its leadership.
      • Describe the four steps of Boy Scout advancement.
      • Describe what the Boy Scout ranks are and how they are earned.
      • Describe what merit badges are and how they are earned.
  • patrol meetings
  • awards
  • SM Minute
  • 7:30 adjourn (SPL: ask with a show of hands if anyone needs requirements signed off; if so, ask for an ASM to volunteer.) then ask about the meetings listed just below:
  • (ask PLC members, including Webmasters, to raise their hands. then ask those five if they're going to a MB meeting - see below - to attend PLC in their place.)
  • (Outdoor Code)
  • requirements sign-off


  • (Read off Troop Cup points)

Troop Cup

Troop Cup points awarded last meeting:

  • Scorpions: _ for calling, _ for all in Class A, _ for __ third(s) present
  • Ravens: _ for calling, _ for all in Class A, _ for __ third(s) present
  • Bucks: _ for calling, _ for all in Class A, _ for __ third(s) present

Troop Cup points prior to this meeting:

  • Scorpions:
  • Ravens:
  • Bucks:



  • Make sure when planning a Troop meeting activity that there is a leader committed to carrying it out and a list of Troop equipment (if needed, such as lashing poles).
  • Plan next meeting(s) Troop meeting - sheet(s) attached.
  • Review (discuss) this meeting - What went well? What didn't? If something didn't go well, discuss why and if there is a way to improve.


Patrol meetings

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