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You can find a lot of useful resources for the scouts on this page. Use these links when planning for your advancements, planning to be Master of Ceremonies (MC) for a campfire, or other things.


Advancement Requirements

First Class Requirements

Requirement 1

Demonstrate how to find directions during the day and at night without using a compass.

Click here for the Big Dipper pdf.

Click here for the Cassiopeia pdf.

Click here for a Scouting article about navigation.

However, in the late fall and winter, the Big Dipper is below the horizon (if you are anywhere other than on a mountain top). The following picture shows one way to find the North Star using Cassiopeia. Find north star.GIF

actual photograph 100 3519.JPG

Requirement 6

Native plants that can be spotted at Christmas Hill Park:

  • maple-leafed oak
  • valley oak
  • poison oak
  • big-leaf maple
  • coastal redwood
  • coast live oak
  • sycamore
  • madrone
  • Monterey pine
  • buckeye
  • wolfsfur (moss)
  • sword fern
  • brackenfern
  • miner's lettuce
  • black walnut
  • tanoak

Campfire planning

merit badge requirements

BSA online learning center

cooking ideas

[patrol cook tips]


Campout Location Ideas

Directions to Uvas Canyon Park (from Gilroy)

Starting at the intersection of First St. (Hecker Pass Hwy) and Sta. Teresa Blvd., go west on Hecker Pass for 2.8 miles. Turn right on Watsonville Road. Continue on Watsonville Rd. for 3.6 miles. Turn left on Uvas Road. Continue on Uvas Rd. for 5.9 miles. Turn left on Croy Rd. Continue on Croy Rd. for 4.4 miles, through Svedal.

merit-badge pamphlet details

American Business
American Cultures
American Heritage
Mb121c.gif American Labor
AnimalScienceMB.gif Animal Science
Mb158c.gif Animation
Mb132c.gif Archaeology
Archery.gif Archery
ArchitectureMB.gif Architecture
AstronomyMB.gif Astronomy
AthleticsMB.gif Athletics
AutomotiveMaintenance.jpg Automotive Maintenance
AviationMB.gif Aviation
BackpackingMB.gif Backpacking
Bird Study
CampingMB.gif Camping
CanoeingMB.gif Canoeing
Chess.png Chess
CITC.gif Citizenship in the Community
CITN.gif Citizenship in the Nation
CITW.gif Citizenship in the World
Climbing.gif Climbing
CoinCollectingMB.gif Coin Collecting
Collections.gif Collections
Communications.gif Communication
CompositeMaterials.gif Composite Materials
ComputersMB.gif Computers
Mb038rc.gif Cooking
Crime Prevention
CyclingMB.gif Cycling
Mb040c.gif Dentistry
Mb154c.gif Digital Technology
Disabilities Awareness
DogCareMB.gif Dog Care
Mb042c.gif Drafting
EmergencyPreparednessMB.gif Emergency Preparedness
EngineeringMB.gif Engineering
Entrepreneurship.gif Entrepreneurship
EnvironmentalScienceMB.gif Environmental Science
Mb159c.gif Exploration
Family Life
FarmMechanics.gif Farm Mechanics
Fingerprinting.gif Fingerprinting
FireSafety.gif Fire Safety
FirstAidMB.gif First Aid
Fish And Wildlife Management
FishingMB.gif Fishing
Mb136c.gif Fly Fishing
Mb151c.gif Game Design
GardeningMB.gif Gardening
Genealogy.gif Genealogy
Geocaching.jpg Geocaching (21 mb)
GeologyMB.gif Geology
GolfMB.gif Golf
Graphic.gif Graphic Arts
HikingMB.gif Hiking
Home Repairs
HorsemanshipMB.gif Horsemanship
Mb064cindianlore.gif Indian Lore
InsectStudyMB.gif Insect Study
Inventing.jpg Inventing
Journalism.gif Journalism
Mb149ckayaking.gif Kayaking
LandscapeArch.gif Landscape Architecture
LifesavingMB.gif Lifesaving
Mammal Study
MetalworkMB.gif Metalwork
Mb155c.gif Mining In Society
ModelDesignAndBuildingMB.gif Model Design and Building
Mb076cmotorboating.gif Motorboating
Mb156c.gif Moviemaking
Music and Bugling
Nuclear Science
Mb079c.gif Oceanography
OrienteeringMB.gif Orienteering
Mb081cpainting.gif Painting
Pathfinding 2010.gif Pathfinding (historical)
PersonalFitnessMB.gif Personal Fitness
PersonalManagementMB.gif Personal Management
PhotographyMB.gif Photography
Mb084c.gif Pioneering
PotteryMB.gif Pottery
Mb153c.gif Programming
Public Health
Publicspeakingmb090c.gif Public Speaking
Pulp and Paper
RadioMB.gif Radio
Mb094ac.gif Railroading
ReptileAndAmphibianStudyMB.gif Reptile and Amphibian Study
Riflemb123c.gif Rifle Shooting
Robotmb146c.gif Robotics
Rowingmb098.gif Rowing
Safetymb012oc.gif Safety
Mb143c.gif Scouting Heritage
Scubamb138c.gif Scuba Diving
Sculpturemb101c.gif Sculpture
Mb150csearchandrescue.gif Search and Rescue
ShotgunShootingMB.gif Shotgun Shooting
Mb157c.gif Signs, Signals and Codes
Skatingskating.gif Skating
Small-Boat Sailing
Snow Sports.jpg Snow Sports
Soil and Water Conservation
Space Exploration
Sportsmb013oc.gif Sports
Stamp Collecting
Mb152c.gif Sustainability
TrackingMB.gif Tracking (historical)
Trafficmb112c.gif Traffic Safety
Truck Transportation
Vetmb114c.gif Veterinary Medicine
Watermb115ac.gif Water Sports
Weldmb148c.gif Welding
WildernessSurvivalMB.gif Wilderness Survival
WoodCarvingMB.gif Wood Carving

Places to not camp (for Scouting events)

  • Los Banos Creek Rsv. (4/2008)
  • Edison Lake (7/2008)

Camping within 200 miles

compiled for Mene Oto Scoutmaster Breakout, Dec., 1999

  • Lake Sonoma Rec. Area
  • Bothe-Napa Valley State park
  • Olema Ranch Campground
  • Samuel P. Taylor State Park
  • Point Reyes: Sky Camp Hike-In
  • Point Reyes: Coast Camp Hike-In
  • Point Reyes: Wildcat Camp Hike-In
  • Glen Camp Hike-In
  • Pantoll Campground
  • China Camp State park Walk-In
  • Angel Island State Park Walk-IN
  • Anthony Chabot Regional Park
  • Mount Diablo State Park
  • Half Moon Bay State Beach
  • Sunol Regional WIldreness
  • Memorial County park
  • Portola State Park
  • Butano State Park
  • Big Basin Redwoods State Park
  • Caswell Memorial State Park
  • Henry W. Coe State Park
  • Yosemite: Bridalveil Creek
  • Yosemite: Jerseydale
  • Yosemite: Lower Pines
  • Yosemite: Upper Pines
  • Yosemite: North Pines
  • Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park
  • SCC Parks: Uvas Canyon County Park (Morgan Hill, CA)
  • New Brighton State Beach
  • Seacliff State Beach
  • Manresa Beach State Park
  • SCC Parks: Mt. Madonna County Park (Gilroy, CA)
  • Sunset State Beach
  • Fremont Peak State Park
  • Ventana Campgrounds
  • Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
  • Pinnacles National Monument

first aid

File:Basic BSA First Aid.pdf

First Class orienteering courses

Christmas Hill Park 1

Christmas Hill Park 2

accessories and links

Rose Mountain Fire Pistons
skymaps for Astronomy

magazine articles

[fishing knots]

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