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Troop 792 strongly discourages the Scout from earning the Cooking MB at Camp Hi-Sierra (or at a similar weeklong summer camp) for the following reasons:

(1) The Scout misses a tremendous amount of time with the Troop (the only time we're all together during the day is in the Mess Hall).

(2) The Scout has plenty of opportunities to complete Req. 5 on Troop campouts. Doing this is a win-win - better for the campout, and a better learning experience for the Scout.

(3) We question how this can be done at the weeklong camp. For example: Requirement 4 says you are to cook "at home." How is this possible? These are for home cooking, not camp cooking. For reference, the Cooking MB requirements can be found here.

Requirement 5 is car-camp cooking (Dutch oven, foil meal, perishables, wood or charcoal fire, etc.). Requirement 6 is trail or backpacking meals (backpacking stove, non-perishables). These are done there, but... how do they plan the meals?

The above states, "strongly discourages" because, on the other hand, if someone is sending their son to Camp and he wants to earn the Cooking MB, how do you tell them, no?

We will be implementing a rule that says,

  • in order to take Cooking MB at Camp, you must be First Class or above or at least 14 years old, or
  • you have attended Camp at least two years prior.


  • you first complete Req. 4.
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